Our team

At Português et Cetera we are specialized in Portuguese teaching for foreigners. With over 15 years of experience in Portuguese teaching for Foreigners, we believe our most important asset is Human Capital.

This is the reason why the school continuously invests in Training and Development. Furthermore, we adopt the highest standards in our teacher recruiting process.

Our Team is composed of 6 members, all with a specific role:

Fernanda Ferreira
Pedagogical Coordinator
Fernanda Ferreira is the school directress and pedagogical coordinator. She has been gaining experience in Teaching Portuguese for Foreigners for almost 20 years. She taught Portuguese for Foreigners at the University of Lisbon from 1998 to 2005. She holds a Masters Degree in Romance Languages and Literatures. For some years she focused her studies on Portuguese Traditions, Folklore and Culture and her Master’s thesis centered on Portuguese Folk Traditions. She wrote under the pseudonym of Marta Linel, being the authoress of “Antefactos” (poetry) “A Casa e as Coisas na Escrita de Sophia” and “B.I. do Pão” (essays). At the moment, besides managing the School, she is also our Blog editor.

Marta Marques
Marta holds a Masters in Portuguese Language and Culture – Portuguese as a Foreign Language and has a strong interest in the study of Lusophone Literature and Culture. She started her teaching career at our school as an intern.

Roberta Preussler
Roberta studied Master of Theater at the University of Lisbon. Besides being an actress, she teaches Portuguesenative language, joining these two functions in favor of a dynamic class and intense cultural exchange according to the interests of the student.

Indira Leão
Indira holds a graduation in History. Currently, she's finishing her master's degree in Modern History. Indira does the weekly walking tours for the school and gives lessons of Portuguese. She loves to know new people, to explore Lisbon and to learn and teach about Portuguese History and Culture.

Susana Perry
Concluded her university studies in Portuguese Language and Culture, specialising in teaching Portuguese as a Foreign Language with a master's degree at Universidade de Lisboa. Endowed with a natural calling for the teaching of her mother tongue, she develops a communicative and ludic approach, marked by great dedication. Resident teacher since 2005 at Português Et Cetera.

Susana Vieira
Licensed in Portuguese Language and Culture (FLUL) and with a master's degree in Textual Criticism (FLUL), she currently has a doctorate degree in Literature Studies and is an integrated researcher at Universidade de Lisboa and Universidade Nova de Lisboa. She has published articles and book chapters. Moreover, she has participated in international congresses in the areas of Teaching the Portuguese Language, Literary studies and Linguistic studies. Outside the university world, she collaborates in different artistic projects but professionally dedicates herself to teaching Portuguese Language and Culture (as a foreign tongue), using a dynamic focused on dialogue. Furthermore, she develops the activities of revising and editing literary texts.

Our team is continuously striving for excellence – that is why we offerInternships for Teachers of Portuguese for Foreigners.