This is the new trend in Lisbon: take the bike instead of the car each friday.


The initiative promoted by ‘Sexta de Bicicleta’ would like to inspire people to do something for themselves, the city and other people as well. It is healthy, eco-friendly and funny.

Through a constant and collective committment, the city can benefit of a less amount of pollution in the air and less traffic. On the other hand people can take some advantages: be athletic, experience a sense of collectivity and entertainment.

Embrace thinking of the environment: train your body, mind and spirit at the same time!    http://goo.gl/5bMgsl

And now you have also the possibility to build your own bicycle!

In Cais do Sodré there is a workshop in which you can choose both new or restored parts of the bicycle creating your own unique bike.

Find out more: http://goo.gl/oQwqhq

Posted on October 9, 2014 .