Rodrigo Leão is a Portuguese musician and composer

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Born in Lisbon in 1964, he became famous for his musical compositions and participation in several Portuguese bands.

Member of Sétima Legião for 10 years, then he dediced to found a new band with Pedro Ayres Magalhães melting pop, classical and traditional music, Madredeus.

And finally, after their big success with "Lisbon Story" Soundtrack he left the band to follow a solo career.

He investigated different kinds of music: from indie-rock to chamber-pop, from modern classical music to contemporary pop and into the neo-classical textures of his own solo material.

He is internationally reowned and he worked also with several artists as Ludovico Einaudi and Lula Pena.

His discography presents a variety of works, both in group and alone, passing through a variety of styles and musical genres:

  • With Sétima Legião, he realized:
    Mar d'Outubro (1987), De um Tempo Ausente (1989), O Fogo (1992), Auto de Fé (Live) (1994), Sexto Sentido (1999)
  • With Madredeus, he made:
    Os Dias da Madredeus (1987), Existir (1990), Lisboa (Live) (1992), O Espírito da Paz (1994), Ainda (soundtrack album) (1995)
  • With Os Poetas, he carried out the project Entre Nós e as Palavras (1997)
  • Alone he realized several Solo albums:
    Ave Mundi Luminar (1993), Mysterium (EP) (1995), Theatrum (1996), Alma Mater (2000), Pasión (Live) (2001), Cinema (2004), O Mundo (compilation with new material) (2006), Portugal, um Retrato Social (soundtrack album) (2007), A Mãe (2009), A Montanha Mágica (2011), Songs (compilation with new material) (2012), The butler (soundtrack album) (2013), O Espírito De Um País (Ao Vivo Na Assembleia Da República) (2014).

His last work is recalling the celebration of the 40th anniversary of April 25th and has a high social ad cultural value.

O Espírito De Um País:

Posted on December 19, 2014 .