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Alfarrabista ou Café?

Alfarrabista ou Café?

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Do you need to buy a book?

Do you want to pay a little amount of money?

Now, you can! Used books are the solution for your problems!

This phenomenon in Lisbon is called ‘Alfarrabista’: you can buy used books, more or less old and ancient at a reasonable price.

It is possible to find a variety of strange and rare books, that you don’t expect!

Moreover, there are a lot of bookshops dedicated only to the sales of ‘recycled books’ all around the city.

And now the trend of Alfarrabista’s Cafés is rising!

An example of it is Há Café no Alfarrabista in Sé.

The traditional structure of the Café is extended into an original context in which you can live the experience of reading and enjoying particular books and drink a coffee at the same time in a comfortable and authentic atmosphere.

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