Extensive Portuguese Course

Portuguese Language Course in Lisbon

Our Extensive Portuguese Course is a 4-week module made up of 2 or 3 sessions per week. Each session consists of two 45 minute lessons.

If you would like to learn Portuguese gradually and calmly, this is the Portuguese Language Course most suitable for you.

We offer a Portuguese Courses for every level of student, from beginner (CEFRL: A1) to advanced (CEFRL: C2).

Our Extensive Portuguese Course in Lisbon is mainly based on two learning fundamentals. Firstly, our classes are composed of small groups of students (from 3 to 8). Secondly, we use the so called Communicative Method.

The Communicative Method focuses on learning through practice. Here at Português et Cetera you will enrich your knowledge of Portuguese through interactive classes based on real life situations. 

Moreover, thanks to our weekly School Events – such as Learning Tours, Theme Nights and Recreational Trips – you will test your language skills at every stage of your learning path.

Our School works as a Community. Not only do we offer an innovative and results-oriented Extensive Portuguese Course but we also help students with all the aspects of their experience in Portugal.

The course cost of 130 € (4 lessons per week) or 180 € (6 lessons per week) also includes our weekly parallel activities, a final course certificate and the exemption from any enrolment fee.

Usually the courses run on Tuesday and Thursday (4 lessons per week), or on Monday, Wednesday and Friday (6 lessons per week) early in the morning or late in the afternoon but our lessons scheduling is completely adaptable to the student’s personal requirements.

After your course has ended you may decide to enroll for additional lessons by taking another module or by choosing other learning schemes amongst our Courses. We will be happy to guide you to find the best solution.

We offer different packages among which you can choose according to your specific needs:

Our Starting Dates for beginners (for all the other students our Extensive courses start EVERY WEEK):



• Module 1: from Jan 02, 2017 to Jan 27, 2017  

• Module 2: from Jan 30, 2017 to Feb 24, 2017

• Module 3: from Feb 27, 2017 to Mar 24, 2017

• Module 4: from Mar 27, 2017 to Apr 21, 2017

• Module 5: from Apr 24, 2017 to May 19, 2017

• Module 6: from May 22, 2017 to Jun 16, 2017

• Module 7: from Jun 19, 2017 to Jul 14, 2017

• Module 8: from Jul 17, 2017 to Aug 11, 2017

• Module 9: from Aug 14, 2017 to Sep 8, 2017

• Module 10: from Sep 11, 2017 to Oct 6, 2017

• Module 11: from Oct 09, 2017 to Nov 3, 2017

• Module 12: from Nov 06, 2017 to Dec 01, 2017

Course overview:

- 4-week module; 4 or 6 weekly lessons of 45 minutes in 2 or 3 sessions; Groups of 3 to 8 students;

- 130 € (2 sessions/week) or 180 € (3 sessions/week) cost; No enrolment fees;

- Final Course Certificate and weekly learning tours included; 

- Possibility of extension and/or new learning opportunities;

- A year-long calendar + Starts every week for non-beginners.


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