Lisbon Walking Tours

Since its creation, one of Português et Cetera’s objectives has been to organize a series of stimulating School Events to allow its students to fully immerse themselves in Portuguese culture.

Our weekly Learning Tours are aimed at discovering the city of Lisbon from different perspectives and every week they have a different theme.

Tours are completely free and enrolled and former students can join them with their friends.

We are lucky to have as one of our guides a History Professor with deep knowledge of all the legendary aspects of the city of Lisbon and Portugal in general.

During the Tours, explanations are given both in English and Portuguese. In this way, all participating students, from beginner to advanced, have the opportunity to interact.

Our Portuguese teachers often participate with our students on the school’s Lisbon Walking Tours. This is a way to deepen our sense of Community and to enhance informality in the classroom.

For of our students, our weekly tours represent a double-faced learning experience: on the one hand, they allow participants to deepen their knowledge of the language through Portuguese active listening and communication; on the other hand, they represent the best way to learn more about Portuguese culture and traditions.