Exposiçao 12x12

On December 13th Lisbon will host the event ‘Exposiçao 12x12’ from 3 p.m. to 12 p.m..

It is an initiative related to art, both painting, engraving and drawing, and photography.

In Atelier da TRAVESSA in Santos, professional artists and students of Faculdade de Belas Artes will face the chalenge to create a work of art with a specific shape and size: it is necessary condition to make the works fit in a square 12x12.

From sculptures to painting, from decorative arts to photos, the artist is totally free to express himself without any constrain on the artistic value he/she would like to give his/her work of art.

But, they must be able to mount them in a specific frame, equal to everyone else in order to be considered at the same level of relevance and give consistency to the exposition as well.

Each piece of art will be sold to the symbolic price of 10 euros and the profits will remunerate only the artist without giving any earning to the organizers.

In fact, there is not a lucrative scope. The aim is to promote the art in each single facets: freedom in choosing materials, subjects and tools to work with are the basis on which the participants can build their deep and personal expression of the world!

The audience can not only enjoy the exhibition and eventually buy one piece, but also talk to the authors and ask them explanations, in order to satisfy its curiosity and better understand the ideas beyond the artefact.

Come here and discover your artistic attitude as well!


Posted on December 12, 2014 .