Vhils in the Teatro Nacional D. Maria II

Are we already forgetting our past?

The projeto Memória (1964) suggests a multiple reflection on the presence and the absence of memory in a building that was rebuilt from the ruins of a terrible fire that almost nothing left standing. Where is the memory in this building’s pristine walls and carpeted floor? Where is the memory of the actresses and the actors and their voices?

That’s why the Teatro Nacional D. Maria II invited Alexandre Farto - aka Vhils - to intervene on the walls of the theater.

Vhils is considered one of the best examples of street art of the last years: he has shown his work at many festivals of urban art, group and individual exhibitions and site-specific interventions around the world.

But this time it isn’t an abandoned industrial building somewhere in the suburbs that welcomes his intervention: in the center of Lisbon, the National Theatre is his personal stage.

On the walls of the Salão Nobre, the artist "scooped" the faces of four great portuguese theatre actresses: Amelia Rey-Colaco, Beatriz Costa, Palmira Bastos and Laura Alves.

The work can be seen until july 31th 2015.


Posted on March 10, 2015 .