Exhibition Josefa de Óbidos

Josefa de Óbidos is a famous Spanish artist that lived and produced in Portugal for almost all her life. Born in 1630 and dead in 1684, she created some of the most recognizable paintings of the history of Portuguese art.

For the almost whole summer, more precisely from mid-May until the first week of September, Lisbon will have the pride of hosting more than 130 works that have been realized over a time span of 40 years. What makes this exposition even more interesting is that the exposed works come from both private collections and important international museums like the Museum do Prado e de Bellas Artes of Sevilla, or the Mosteiro do Escorial. As a final remark, we would like to stress the importance of the location that will host the exposition, that is the Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga, namely the most important museum in Portugal when it comes to art that ranges from the XII until the XIX century.

You can read more about this exposition on the very detailed official website

Posted on May 27, 2015 .