Noite de Santo António in Lisbon

Today is the day to be in Lisbon! Why? Well, because tonight is the S. António night, when the whole city goes crazy celebrating the most important night of the year.

The aforementioned celebrations are already started since a few days, and if you are walking through the city since then, you couldn't have missed a huge number of stalls selling beverages and salty grilled sardines directly on the streets. During these celebrations, every neighborhood is literally "dressed up" with garlands and competes versus all the other ones by trying to set up the most crowded street party.


While the streets will start to get crowded during the whole afternoon, at 21 the Avenida da Liberdade will host a parade, called "Marchas Populares", that touches this year the 83rd edition. 20 groups, each one representing a borough of Lisbon, will compete will each other in regard to scenography, coreography, music, costumes and lyrics.


What makes Santo António even more loved is the fact that he is also considered a "santo casamenteiro", that is protector of marriages. For this reason, during the 12th of June many and many couples decide to marry. Interestingly enough, they will as well have the chance of parading at 21 in the Avenida da Libertade.


Right after the parade, the whole city itself will be an open air attraction, with a moltitude of colours, odours, music and happiness, the Lisboetas celebrating their favourite Saint all night long. 


Posted on June 12, 2015 .