Lisboa Mistura

From tomorrow until the 21th of June, a really important event is taking place in our city: “Lisboa Mistura”. But, what is it?? 

Since 2006 “Lisboa Mistura” has established itself as a space of intercultural knowledge and application of new languages and trends. By inviting a diverse selection of local, international and intercultural projects, the festival is seeking for a reaffirmation of Lisbon as a “cidade-mundo”, by finding new ways of presenting music and surrounding arts in a site specific context. 

As all of you know, indeed, the urban music as well as the food are an important bridge to social and political dimensions that make up the cosmopolitanism in Lisbon! 

Take part of this moment characterized by great dynamism...where you can feel and enjoy the beauty of the difference!

World artists, cookers, thinkers, workers of various countries, young talents with dreams, curious, happy or sad people comes to Lisbon…only you are missing!

All different events are located at Largo do Intendente. Check here the full program!




Posted on June 16, 2015 .