The competition PORTUGUESE – VASCO GRANJA SPA AWARD is in town

On Friday 11th and Saturday 12th  March 2016 at The Lisbon Animation Festival | MONSTRA will be run the competition PORTUGUESE – VASCO GRANJA SPA AWARD among ten short Portuguese Animated films.

The Lisbon Animation Festival | MONSTRA was born in 2000 in order to celebrate the artistic transversality, to meet people of different arts, new artistic looks forward, using as a basis the most multidisciplinary language we know, the Animated Film. At its 15th edition, from March 3rd to 13th, MONSTRA will present six competitions among which PORTUGUESE – VASCO GRANJA SPA AWARD.

Among the participant films: Vigil (Rita Cruchinho Neves | Portugal | 2015 | 12’33”) which tells the story of Vigil’s personal growth that leads him to a broader space of freedom, or to the tragic consciousness that, after all, he’s nothing more than a part of a whole; Campo à beira-mar (André Ruivo | Portugal | 2015 | 8′) which shows how the beaches near the rural world are taken by strange invaders when the summer arrives.


Rita Cruchinho Neves

André Ruivo

The competition will be held at Cinema São Jorge on Friday 11th (22h) and at Cinema City Alvalade (20h) on Saturday 12th.


More information available at: The Lisbon Animation Festival | MONSTRA

Don’t miss the exciting opportunity of knowing more about Portuguese culture through the original tool of Animated films!

Posted on March 1, 2016 .