MONSTRA - Lisboa Animated Film Festival

Today we would like to talk about MONSTRA, the Lisboa Animated Film Festival, born in 2000. From today, 16th March 2017, to 26th March, old and new animation films will be projected at Cinema São Jorge and at Cinema Ideal. The Festival goal is to present, promote and celebrate the world best animation movies through a series of competitions, retrospectives, and special shows, as “Monstra Triple X”, reserved to over 18. This year MONSTRA reserves a special space to Italy, that is going to participate with traditional names as the ironic Bruno Bozzetto, the classical and innovative Giannini and Luzzati, but also the new generation with Simone Massi, Ursula Ferrara, among many other masters of Italian animation. MONSTRA offers also other parallels activities, like expositions, workshops, and talks. Animation movies simply explain important topics and they allow to get back to childhood for a moment…

The event is for sure a great opportunity to watch international good quality films, with a deep immersion in creativity and modernity. In order to have more detailed information and the program, you can have a look at the website of the event. Just click here for the link to the website.


Posted on March 16, 2017 .