O que dizem os estudantes de nós...

While the material was difficult and the pace was fast, I felt like I learned a lot of Portuguese.  

Jason Tipton, 45, USA, Intensive Course, 2016

I enjoyed the classes with Diogo. The event I went to was very informative and fun. Português et Cetera has been very attentive and accommodating.

Carla Nunes, 36, South Africa, Private Lessons, 2016

Very nice teachers. I learned very much in just 3 weeks. Thank you!

Sophie Baltas, 22, Austria, Summer School, 2016

I enjoyed the classes very much, the atmosphere was great. Estefânia is very nice, full of energy, tells great stories. It was perfect to have only 3 people in the group. I can fully recommend the school! Thanks!

Piotr Cios, 29, Poland, Intensive Course, 2016

A really excellent way to learn and practice Portuguese. In two weeks I learned a lot.

Bojan Bugarin, 32, Serbia, Summer School, 2016

Estefânia was really helpful and patient, which created a great environment to learn in. I felt I learn a lot and progressed more than expected in a week’s private lessons. Happy to recommend to others.

Helen Sumpton, 39, England, Private Lessons, 2016

“Boa noite Fernanda!

I wanted to thank you for my wonderful experience with Susana in our beginner's Portuguese class. She is a wonderful teacher and I know the other students regard her with the same admiration and affection. If possible, I would like to take the continuation class in April.”

Kelly Hamilton, USA, Intensive Course, 2014  

“Thank you for everything! I have had a wonderful experience with the course and both teachers, and it is a pity that I am leaving. When (not "if") I return to Portugal I will make sure to contact you again to touch up on my skills. Obrigada por tudo! Muitas felicidades.!

Cathrine Andersen, Norway, Extensive Course, 2014

Thanks to Fernanda for this beautiful and very "Portuguese" experience at Portugues Et Cetera. Teachers are really cool and professional. If you don't want just language lessons but wish you could take a breath of Portugues culture then go there. Obrigado!

Massimo Bucci, Italy, Extensive Course, 2013

When I started classes I only knew how to say 'Ola.' Now, I am able to express myself and my opinions in Portuguese! This has really helped me adjust to my new life in Lisbon! I highly recommend Portuguese etcetera to learn Portuguese for life!

Leandra Welch, USA, Extensive Course,2013

I spent two weeks in Lisbon learning the language with Fernanda and getting to know the city. It was such a beautiful experience! Thank you so much Português Et Cetera, I'm very motivated now to continue improving my portugiese-knowledge and level. Lots of regards=)

Cata Nebri, Intensiove Course, 2013

A good school where I have learnt a lot and thanks to Fernanda and Susanna can already speak portugues in Lisboa. Thanks for that!!! Beijos

Leticia Samper, Spain, Extensive Course, 2013

Un endroit idéal pour apprendre le Portugais! Des cours dynamiques et interactifs dans un environnement multiculturel, situé en plein coeur de Lisbonne.

Carole Ranty, France, Extensive Course, 2013

Overall, I'm very pleased with the lessons. The teacher is lovely, helpful and ready to answer questions. I've made a lot of progress at Portugues Etc.

 Daniel Calvert, England, Conversation Club, 2013

I loved my classes with Susana at Português Et Cetera!!! I always learned a lot and was entertained by Susana's funny expressions and mannerisms. Thank you so much for helping me learn so much Portuguese!!!
I will be back in April or May to take more conversation classes.

Bethany Lanis, USA, Conversation Club, 2013

Back in France after a 5 months' stay in Lisboa, I really keep good memories of my portuguese classes with Fernanda ! An open-minded teacher, with who you can speak of everything. I made huge progress in portuguese with her ! Thanks so much ! Bejinhos

Anouk le Sve, France, Extensive Course, 2013

I really enjoyed the course at Português et cetera school. I could learn Portuguese in a very short time. Classes are really interesting, we learn grammar but we can also improve our conversation skills as we debate about news and Portuguese culture during class. The teachers are really patient, professional and flexible, since they adapt to students’ schedules. I highly recommend this school!

Etienne Boutaine, France, Intensive Course, 2013

Dear Fernanda and Susana,
thank you for the Portuguese lessons. I learnt a lot during the lessons. I will recommend the courses to my friends.
Kind regards.

Binh Minh Nguyen, Germany, Extensive Course, 2013

I chose the schoolbecause I enjoyedthe professionalism of Mrs Fernanda and her team. Learning is never boring. In the classroom the atmosphere is very friendly. There are many courses, to find the right one for every student. I already attended four courses and I will come back again!

Simonetta Alessandro, Italy, Extensive Course, 2013

I had a fantastic experience studying in Portuguese-etcetera and I would definitely suggest to everybody looking for first-class education in a friendly and professional environment!

Angela Soldá, Italy, Intensive Course, 2013

A school with a warm and friendly atmosphere. If you want to learn in a fun and interactive wayand still get quality tuition, this is your place! Get individual or reduced group lessons that adapts to your language and time necessities.

Lucia Calle, Spain, Private Lessons, 2013

Needed to learn, at my age, another language: the portuguese. The memories of my English classes as a child, made me believe that it would be nearly impossible to learn a new language: for me who has always preferred numbers to words!
Fate led me to find the school Portuguese et Cetera and the professor Fernanda.It happened that I learned to express myself and, without any fatigue, the grammar rules: a real miracle! But the professor Fernanda has not been a great teacher only, but also a fantastic partner with whom I shared preoccupations, dreams, political opinions, histories...
Grazie mille, Fernanda.

Andrea Stilli, Italy, Private Lessons, 2011

Português et cetera is a school where we can learn Portuguese and all about Portuguese Culture. There is a friendly relaxed atmosphere which has helped me to integrate into Portuguese society.

Michael Tricker, South Africa, Extensive Course, 2011

Like the Name says, the school portugues et cetera isn't only about the language, I already learned lots of things about the live in Lisbon and about the portugese culture in general and I like that concept very much. The teachers are very competent and also very sympathetic.
In the lessons is always a good atmosphere which helps me to learn.

Claudia Berg, Sweden, Extensive Course, 2011

About the Portuguese school, I can say: For me it is very good. Now I can speak and write. It helps me a lot.

Dmytro Lubiv, Ukraine, Private Lessons, 2011

Portuguese et cetera- the first part of the name shows the content of the lessons of the school. But the second part, (et cetera), is very important for learning the Portuguese culture and a good opportunity to learn more about this country and many other things.

Sven Klocker, Germany, Extensive Course, 2011

To study portugues in Português et cetera is a way to get to know a language in a very personal way - the classes are made exactly according to my needs and there is a friendly and community like atmosphere rather then that of a school. Like this I can advance with my studies quickly and at the same time have fun! Trough the activities that the school is offering I can also get to know other students as well as the portuguese culture. I have never regretted to study here!

Asa Gunvén, Sweden, Extensive Course, 2010

Classes are very dynamic and a lot of fun! Really sattisfied with the progress achieved!

Ana Labarte, Uruguay, Summer School, 2010

My name is Audrey and I'm french. I choose this school because it's small and sympatic. The lessons are effective : I studied during a month and I could speak about little with people, read and write the language. But I also made a personal work. For me, a thing is important : a good pedagogy and the professors are him in this school.

Audrey Schmitt, France, Extensive Course, 2010

Dear Fernanda!
Thank Português Et Cetera, Portuguese language school for its flexibility. The classes were adjusted to my level and helped me learn the language in a fun but also in a very effective way. I do think that language curses offered by the school would be great choices for anybody who wants to learn Portuguese.

Beáta Borogdai, Hungary, Intensive Course, 2010

Chose this prestige Academy to study Portuguese has been undoubtedly a decision very accurate, here I have found the possibility of learning another language in a very entertaining way and didactic form. I am very pleased by the attention and the support that they provide you to study the language and the Portuguese culture, motivating you to knowing the Portuguese culture inside the classes and out of them, for all this reasons I can affirm that they achive the goal to introduce any person in the exciting world of knowing another language.

Emperatriz Rodriguez, Venezuela, Extensive Course, 2010