Tasca do Chico

Are you ready to live the touching experience of Fado?

Tomorrow, Saturday, February 28th, we are all going to Tasca do Chico, a tavern in the heart of Alfama.

Some of the specialities offered by the tavern are roasted chorizo, regional sausages and cheese from the Alentejo region, that you can taste with homemade sangria or an exquisite Porto wine.

But, most importantly, there is Fado. The deep, powerful sound of the guitarra portuguésa is enough to make the time stop in this small, traditional place, while the singers’ voices sweetly drive you through this magical experience.

Are you still thinking about it? Come with us and immerse yourself in the most famous and important Portuguese tradition!

See you at Tasca do Chico, Rua dos Remédios, 83 - Alfama, this Saturday at 9.00 pm!



Posted on February 27, 2015 .