Tradições populares de Santo António

Ready to run through the most popular celebration in Lisbon?
Know more about S. António’s festivities

Dear students, teacher and friends,

This week we invite you to a new adventure: discovering all the details about the traditional celebration of S António. Our teacher of Portuguese Culture Ines Gonçalves will guide you through the most popular traditions of Santo António.

We will have a walking tour together in Rossio, Alfama and Sé. Don’t miss this wonderful event and taste with us the typical sardines while witnessing the decorated streets of Lisbon!

In June, the month of the Festas dos Santos Populares (Feast Days of the Popular Saints), the Lisbon nights are marvelous with lively festivities that take place in the city centre.

Also Bailes are very entertaining and fascinating over this period. They take place in several parts of the cities, and that will make the city incredibly alive and festive. Over the period of celebrations, the Portuguese capital goes so many Sardines, one of the most typical food of this period.

Over the “Noite de S. Antonio” the whole city has colourful decorations, lights, plenty of food and drinks, music and dance. Moreover, music, dance and colours create an atmosphere of happiness which makes the city fantastic! Besides, there are “No rules” during that night! Everyone can open doors and windows to sell food and drinks as well as stay out all night!



Meeting: Praça do Rossio in front of the big image of Santo António

Time: Friday June 17th at 4 p.m.


Posted on June 16, 2016 .