Pictures of our walk discovering religions

Religion is intrinsic part of every society and often the main historical events are linked to it. This is what we learnt last week with our teacher Beatriz.

Lisbon has always been a multicultural city, where people of different religions have cohabited for years, sharing their traditions and habits. Jews were a fundamental support during the Discovery Age because they financed many of the Portuguese ventures. They also were forced to convert to Christianity during the Middle Age. Becoming the “New Christians” and taking advantage from this new situation, they could reach important positions near the aristocracy and in the governmental and educational fields. On the other hand, Muslims also had an influential  presence in Portugal: after their conquest, a big community settled in the city and from that period of time it grew and flourished and continues to do so today. Follow us to know more about our lovely city!

Posted on May 8, 2017 .