Some pictures from our Portuguese Night at "Fora de Moda"

At the end of last week we had the chance to participate to this fabulous night; we met each other at 8 pm at the restaurant "Fora de Moda", a typical Portuguese restaurant. The night has been amazing, mostly due to the fact that we were 24 and it is true that the more we are, the more we have fun. At almost 8.30 pm, the lights had been lowered and two fantastic musicians started playing the Fado in the middle of the restaurant. There were three different singers, two men and one woman; they alternated each other during all the time of the dinner. The Fado played by the musicians was the popular one, more fun, enjoyable and certainly suitable for an night spent with friends. 

During the night we have had the chance of drinking some good wine together while eating some typical Portuguese tapas. We really enjoy the time spent together and we hope to replicate this kind of night as soon as possible. 

Here there are some pictures of our dinner. Click on the picture in order to see the full gallery!


Posted on January 23, 2017 .