Let's go to the theatre - "Tristeza e alegria na vida das girafas"

Dear students, 

on Thursday December 8th we will go to "Teatro Nacional D. Maria II" and we would be really happy if you could join us!

We are going to watch "Tristeza e alegria na vida das girafas". The show tells about the socio-economic condition of Lisbon, characterized by debt and crisis, through the innocent eyes of a little girl who is looking for someone to help her parents. Along her path the nine-years-old child will meet many characters who will help her to continue her research.

This is a good opportunity to stay all together and improve your listening comprehension, but you also have the chance to visit this beautiful theatre!

We will meet first for a drink in the hall of the theatre at 8.30pm (in Praça Dom Pedro IV). The show will start at 9.00pm.

Send us an email by Tuesday December 6th to "communication@portuguesetcetera.com" to reserve your seat!



Don't miss this opportunity! See you on Thursday!

Posted on December 5, 2016 .