Some pictures from our tour in Belém

During our tour in Belém we enjoyed the sunshine while listening Beatriz, our wonderful teacher.

Our tour began at S. Jerónimos Monastery, which today is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, where it’s possible to see the tomb of Dom Manuel I, who was the king that supported the discovery travel of Vasco de Gama.

The Monastery is also famous for the unique so-called Manueline Style, characterised by rich decorations of shells, sailors and other sea elements.

We continued on our tour by admiring “Pedrão dos Descobrimentos”, the ship shaped monument that was built to celebrate the important discoveries of Portugal in the past centuries.

Of course we couldn’t miss the elegant “Belém Tower”, which was part of the old system of defense that today still guards Tagus river and the Atlantic Ocean. And finally, we ended the day in a tasty way at the super delicious “Pasteis de Belem”,  which is the most famous place in Lisbon to experience and taste an amazing Portuguese delicacy that is traditionally served quite hot with cinnamon powder…a perfect day with our of Português et Cetera students!

Join us on our next tour!

Posted on May 23, 2017 .