Vamos à praia - Cascais e Estoril, uma história secreta de Portugal (August 16)

Lisbon is hot these days. That's why we decided to go just a little closer to the Atlantic ocean on our weekly tour. Here's a quick overview:

When? Wednesday, August 16, 2.30 pm

Where? Praça do Comércio (by the statue)

What’s the plan? Walk from Monte Estoril to Cascais. On the way, Beatriz will tell us about the important role the two towns played in the history of Portugal. After that, you will have the chance to enjoy the beach.

What to bring? A public transport card charged with money (round trip 4.60€), towel and swimsuit in case you like to stay at the beach.

Please confirm your attendance:

Cascais has been a holiday resort for the wealthy Portuguese aristocracy since the 18th century. In the 20th century, also other royal families began to enjoy their summer on the “Portuguese Riviera”. As Portugal remained neutral during the Second World War, an interesting mix of people from all over Europe spent their time there.

Estoril is famous for the stories of espionage that happened there during the war. Can you guess which drink was severed at the bar of the Palacio hotel to a British spy and what famous movie originates from there? Join us to find out!

Join us to Cascais: enjoy the sun, meet people from other classes and practice your Portuguese in a relaxed environment! We are looking forward to seeing you!