Fomos atravessar o Rio Tejo

Last week on Wednesday, we crossed the Tejo for a tour of a different kind. Instead of seeing another neighborhood of Lisbon we went to Almada and learned about its history and importance for Lisbon.

On our way, we did a trip through time. Settlements on the Southern banks of the Tejo date back even further than those on the Northern side where today our beautiful city of Lisbon is located. Our teacher Beatriz told us about how the city was safe haven during the black plague for the wealthy aristocrats from Lisbon. Today, the coastline has an industrial charm, as you can see in the pictures below.

After the tour some of our students took the chance and went up to the Cristo Rei statue. Highly recommended!

Join our next tour tomorrow, Wednesday, July 12. We meet at 3.00 pm on Praça do Comércio right by the statue!