Useful information

Here you can find all the information you need to have an easy life while you’re studying Portuguese at our language academy in Lisbon.

Public transport

The easiest way to travel through the city is by bus, tram, metro, train and boat. For all of them you can buy the ticket on board.

·      Bus = 1,85€

·      Tram = 2,90€

·      Metro = 1,90€

·      Train and Boat = the price is variable according to the chosen destination 

There are also different kind of rechargeable passes which reduce the ticket prices.

1)    Navegante Pass: a monthly pass that allow you to use Carris, Metro and Trains 

·      Urban pass: to travel in the urban area of Lisbon. Note that this card doesn’t include bridge crossing. The price is 35,65€

·      Network pass: to travel in the urban area of Lisbon but also to Algés, Amadora, Sacavém e Bobadela. This card includes bridge crossing in Carris. The price is  42€.

2)    7 Colinas e Viva Viagem: using this card you have each ticket for 1,40€ or a daily ticket (24-hours) for 6€. You can charge it with the amount that you want and its validity is one year. The price for the card is 0,50€. 

3)    Lisboa Viva: it’s a magnetic card with the same functions of the previous. It expires after 4 years and the price is 7€.

Bank account

To open a bank account in Portugal you have to fill out three different forms:

·      Client Details & Adherence to Products and Services;

·      Acceptance of General Conditions and Terms;

·      A General Application Form.

In addition, you have to attach other documents according to your citizenship.

For EU citizens:

·      Passport or ID;

·      Tax Number (Numéro de Identificação Fiscal);

·      Residence Card and Proof of Residence (ex. Utility bills).

For non EU citizens:

·      Passport;

·      Proof of home address in country of origin;

·      Tax Card (Cartão de Contribuente)

·      Proof of employment and company details (Comprovativo de Profissão e Entidade Patrona).


EU citizens don’t need Visa for visiting, studying and working in Portugal. The visitor Visa is required only to citizens of some non-EU countries (for further information click here).

Study and work permit is compulsory for all non-EU citizens.

Sim Card

Here in Portugal the average price of a Sim Card is not expensive and you only need to present your own ID. There are different carriers such as Lycamobile, Vodafone, NOS and MEO.

For people under 25 we recommend the WTF prepaid plan offered by NOS operator (for further information click here)


Once you have the residence here you can go to Centro de Saúde of your neighbourhood and ask for a family doctor. Whenever you need a consultation you must pay 5€ and take an appointment.

In case of emergency you can ask for an immediate consultation paying 20€ + diagnostic.


Most tenants offer short-term rentals (6 months or less) as well as long-term rentals.

To find an accommodation is very easy in both cases, but short period contracts are more expensive compared to long period ones. 

Moreover, when you arrive in Lisbon is very easy to find a cheap accommodation in hostels and hotels while you are looking for a place that best fits your needs. 


To start working in Portugal you need to:

·      Get Residency Card from the Immigration Office;

·      Sign up with Social Security to pay contributes;

·      Get a Tax Code from the Director General of Taxes.

If you are a student looking for a temporary employment, it’s very easy to find a job in hostels, bars and call-centres.