Our team

Português et Cetera, with its 10+ years of experience in Portuguese teaching for Foreigners, believes that its most important asset is its Human Capital.

This is the reason why the school continuously invests in Training and Development and adopts the highest standards in its teacher recruiting process.

Our Team is composed of 6 members, all with a specific role:

Fernanda Ferreira - Pedagogical Coordinator
Fernanda Ferreira is the school directress and pedagogical coordinator. She has been gaining experience in Teaching Portuguese for Foreigners for almost 20 years. She taught Portuguese for Foreigners at the University of Lisbon from 1998 to 2005. She holds a Masters Degree in Romance Languages and Literatures. For some years she focused her studies on Portuguese Traditions, Folklore and Culture and her Master’s thesis centered on Portuguese Folk Traditions. She wrote under the pseudonym of Marta Linel, being the authoress of “Antefactos” (poetry) “A Casa e as Coisas na Escrita de Sophia” and “B.I. do Pão” (essays). At the moment, besides managing the School, she is also our Blog editor.

Estefânia Alves - Teacher of European Portuguese
Estefânia holds a Masters in Romance Languages from the Universities of Lisbon and São Paulo. Her main area of interest is related to Lusophone Literature. During the last few years, she has been working as teacher of Portuguese for both foreign and mother tongue students, and also teaching English to children. Her experience covers many subjects from Portuguese phonetics and text revision to Portuguese History.

Marta Marques - Teacher of European Portuguese
Marta holds a Masters in Portuguese Language and Culture – Portuguese as a Foreign Language and has a strong interest in the study of Lusophone Literature and Culture. She started her teaching career at our school as an intern.

Sara Santos - Teacher of European Portuguese
Sara holds a Master of Portuguese Language and Culture – Portuguese as a Foreign Language from Lisbon’s University. She’s interested in developing new Portuguese teaching technics focused on asian learners. She’s also passionate about learning new languages.

Roberta Preussler - Teacher of Brazilian Portuguese
Roberta Preussler - Teacher of Brazilian Portuguese Brazilian, Roberta studied Master of Theater at the University of Lisbon. Besides being an actress, she teaches Portuguese native language of Brazil, joining these two functions in favor of a dynamic class and intense cultural exchange according to the interests of the student.

Our team is continuously looking for excellence – that’s why we offer Internships for Teachers of Portuguese for Foreigners.