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“1961 Ecodesign Project” by Luís Teixeira

“1961 Ecodesign Project” by Luís Teixeira


New features for industrial production

How many old CDs do you have, and not use? How many hangers do you have in your closet? And, what about finished perfumes? Let’s discover through “1961 Ecodesign Project” by Luís Teixeira the new life of disposable and old materials.

“Luís Teixeira was born in Lisbon where he still lives and works finance. (…) He developed a special interest in industrial design. This passion led him to study this discipline.” (Elsa de Giovanni)

He developed a new concept within 2007 and 2017: materials can have a new life. Teixeira explains the concept of “Upcycling”. His starting point is the overusing of materials which cause a waste of time and money.

In 2006 he started the “1961 ecodesign project” using waste and disposable products to create light artworks, such as lamps and chandeliers. The idea beyond this project is that companies can have a central role in improving the quality of the environment toward social responsibilities policies. On the other hand, more efficient production and distribution process management could benefit financial returns.

Luís Teixeira’s “Upcycling now!” exhibition was presented by Verso Branco art gallery situated in one of the most suggestive places in Lisbon. Near Cais do Sodré, Fernando Sousa with his gallery put together art, design, and passion in a peculiar concept. Verso Branco is both a gallery and a design shop where you can find the more talented Portuguese artists and much more.

Is design an interesting field for you? Our Portuguese language school strongly recommends you follow step by step the development of artworks from Luís Teixeira. If you are in Lisbon don’t miss the opportunity to visit Verso Branco, a really nice and cozy design shop-gallery.

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