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Café Suspenso

Café Suspenso

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“Café Suspenso”: it takes as little as a coffee to make another person’s day a bit better…

The Association “Renovar a Mouraria” is proposing a new charity initiative in the area of Mouraria in Lisbon.

The project is the following: when a customer goes to a coffee shop or a bar they will pay for their food and drinks but will leave a “paid item”. Someone that cannot afford to pay for a drink or food can get that item without paying.

‘Café Suspenso’ aims at sensitizing people to be more generous and less selfish. Anyone willing to take part in the initiative has the chance to help others with a very simple gesture.

Even if the initiative name is about coffee, through ‘Café Suspenso’ it will definitely be possible to offer other kinds of drinks, as well as food, to people in need and the association is willing to extend the initiative to restaurants as well.

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