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Do You Believe Arts and Culture Are Boring?

Do You Believe Arts and Culture Are Boring?

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The arts are fun!

Now you can experience a completely new type of museum. Different, funny, interesting, interactive. The exposition is composed of colorful and creative graffiti and always changing.

Lisbon has a lot of street art. When you walk around you see a variety of graffiti and drawings all around the city.

Specifically, Bairro Alto is the cornerstone of the phenomenon. It is here that Museu Efémero is born!

It counts 33 formally recognised works of art and it summarizes the new concept of art: an “outside the box”, heterogeneous and entertaining way of communication.

In fact, street art is a melting pot of ideas, forms of expression and stories, in a natural and dynamic environment, made by several and spontaneous artists.

More about street art.



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