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Hidden stops in Lisbon

Hidden stops in Lisbon

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Horta em Benfica Horta em Benfica

Coming to Lisbon you already know what you are going to visit: the castle, the historic center, all the main squares and the tourist places in every touristic guide.

 But you don’t expect to find green open spaces, self-organized by citizens, willing to improve their eco-commitment!
These are called ‘Hortas Urbanas’ and consist of free soils owned by the town hall, which makes them available to Lisbon inhabitants.

The phenomenon is increasing over time and it involves groups of citizens who coordinate themselves in the creation of market gardens aimed at the satisfaction of their households’ needs.

This way it is possible to develop a sense of cooperation and community: people work together to produce while utilizing those spaces to promote the importance of environmental sustainability and attracting visitors as well.

Join the initiative and go “eco”!

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