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Walk around the city and find out Cerca Velha!

Walk around the city and find out Cerca Velha!

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It is a real “history exploring-by-walking” and it could not be more interesting!

On September 26th “Cerca Velha” has been inaugurated: a pedestrian path twisting and turning through Castelo de São Jorge, Alfama, and Sé.

The circular path represents the ancient defensive system of the city in the medieval era and it consists of a real ‘Muralha’.

In this tour you can visit 16 different archeological sites:

1.    Rua do Chão da Feira

2.    Pátio D. Fradique

3.    Porta do Sol

4.    Rua Norberto de Araújo

5.    Porta de Alfama

6.    Torre de S. Pedro

7.    Postigo de S. Pedro

8.    Porta do Chafariz d’ El Rei

9.    Porta do Furadouro

10.  Postigo Marquês do Lavradio

11.  Arco da Conceição

12.  Casa dos Bicos

13.  Porta do Mar

14.   Porta do Mar

15.  Porta do Ferro

16.  Porta de Alfofa

Each of them is, with its own peculiarities, relevant to the overall functioning of the “Muralha”.

You will have the possibility to experience an incredibly rich and timeless journey dotted with stunning monuments and the unique Lisbon views.

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