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A Vida Portuguesa

A Vida Portuguesa

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In 2004 the journalist Catarina Portas wrote an article about several antique Portuguese products that were still being produced and commercialized in their original packaging and shape.

They were of inspiration to a great innovative idea: discovering again the past and its products!

In the digital era, a lot of items have been reinvented and developed in some other forms, but it is still important to remember the traditions and their uniqueness.

This is how “A Vida Portuguesa” was born!

It is a chain of shops with the purpose of recreating a vintage atmosphere, where you can find a lot of original and traditional items. Produced thanks to the joint effort of brands that share the objective of A Vida Portuguesa, they represent authentic Portuguese objects.

These dedicated brands mirror Portuguese values and make truly delightful Portuguese products!

Roots, tradition, and authenticity are the core values of the project and the shops are planned to reflect them. visitors will enjoy an all-round experience of Portugal in there!

If it is not possible for you to visit the stores, you can use the online shop, where the same certified products are sold!

There are three of these shops in the country: one is located in Porto (Rua Galeria de Paris, 20, 1º andar) and the other two in Lisbon, specifically in Chiado (Rua Anchieta, 11) and Intendente (Largo do Intendente Pina Manique, 23).

Go there and discover how products are lasting over time!

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