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What about Fado?

What about Fado?

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Fado is the traditional music of Lisbon.

Born in the XIX century, it is a form of singing in open spaces, sung by regular people wanting to communicate their daily life and experiences in a sentimental way,

The evolution of Fado followed a well-defined path: included in the musical repertoire by the Journal of Theatre in 1851, it was then produced from specialized companies starting from 1930 and, at the same time, the first communities of professional singers have begun to come up.

In the modern era, it has been officially recorded and transmitted by radio.

But, the experience of listening to Fado should be live!

In fact, it was born in the streets and houses…and they have still enjoyed it there!

Moreover, in the last decades, several places and bars have been known to listen to authentic Fado.

First among them is Tasca do Chico: there are two locations, one in Bairro Alto and one in Alfama. Old and traditional bars, with a familiar atmosphere, you can “feel Portuguese”. There you can eat typical food and listen to Fado and other Portuguese music as well, surrounded by antique objects and photos on the walls.

Starting from today, November 27th to 29th, also Time Out is promoting an event focused entirely on Fado in Mercado da Ribeira.

In “A Maior Casa de Fados do Mundo” you can enjoy three artists of Fado (Fonseca, Zambujo, and Mariza), from 9.30 p.m. each evening: on Thursday and Friday, the event will be free, while if you want to go on Saturday be sure to buy the ticket on time!

Listening to Fado can be really an interesting opportunity!

Fado has been declared part of the UNESCO heritage of humanity in 2011 and it is also one of the most involving experiences that you can ever try in Portugal!

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