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How to live until you’re 106 years old!

How to live until you’re 106 years old!

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Manoel de Oliveira was born exactly 106 years ago, on December 11th in 1908.

Director, screenwriter and editor, he is considered one of the main personalities in the history of cinema in Europe and the most important in Portugal.

He began his career in the film industry in 1931 with “Douro – Fauna Fluvial”, a short silent documentary, in black and white.

After that moment, he continued to produce different kind of movies: short films and long films about invented stories or about critical topics as history and art; documentaries about nature.

Today, for the day of his birth, Manoel de Oliveira is presenting a new short film of 19 minutes, O “Velho do Restelo”!

The story consists of deep thinking of Portugal and its history, starting from the current crisis of the country, considered as “um presente suspenso da realidade”.

The main character is a pessimist old man of Os Lusiadas and the whole movie is taking place in Porto. In fact, he wanted to focus again on and provide an added value to the city.

The film is setting some antique characters like Don Quixote, the poet Luís de Camões and the writers Camilo Castelo Branco and Teixeira de Pascoaes in an eternal garden, in the middle of a modern city, talking about life.

The movie is based in part on the book ‘O Penitente’ of Teixeira de Pascoaes, as well.

Defined by the director himself “uma reflexão sobre a Humanidade”, it is only one of the interesting creations of the artist and it was presented for the first time at Festival of Venice, in September.

Don’t miss this opportunity…It will be presented in Porto, in the area of Foz, close to Oliveira’s house himself.

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