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Deolinda – Band of Pop Portuguese music

Deolinda – Band of Pop Portuguese music

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Deolinda is a quartet of pop Portuguese music related to Fado and to authentic traditions.

They are born in 2006 and they are composed of 4 people: the brothers Pedro da Silva Martins and Luis José Martins are the founders, then their cousin, Ana Bacalhau as the vocals and her husband José Pedro Leitão, the bass player.

Each one has a different role in the group:

  • Pedro da Silva Martins, responsible for composition, lyrics, classical guitar and vocals;
  • Luis José Martins, responsible for classical guitar, ukulele, cavaquinho, guitalele, viola braguesa, and vocals;
  • Ana Bacalhau, as vocals;
  • José Pedro Leitão, as double bass and vocals.

They play a variety of different types of music: Fado, Portuguese music, world music, and folk.

In 2008 there was the launch of their debut album Canção Ao Lado.

Then, their second album, “Dois Selos e Um Carimbo” (Two Stamps and a Seal), was released in April 2010.

Finally, “Mundo Pequenino”, the third album of the band was released in 2013.

The launch of the album has been also accompanied by live concerts in the main cities: in 2011 the band performed both in Lisbon and Porto.

The band’s style is inspired by fado, but there are several differences from it: more instruments used and different lyrics in terms of topics. There is more than the sadness and melancholy of fado, but also joy and happiness.

The band is quite famous in Portugal.

Try to listen to it and be inspired!

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