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Ginjinha, sweet Ginjinha

Ginjinha, sweet Ginjinha

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If you’re in Lisboa, read carefully: you have to try Ginjinha!

Also called Ginja, this portuguese liqueur is the typical drink in Lisboa. It is made of ginja berries, that gave it its name, and alcohol, specifically aguardente.

This sweet liqueur was born when a Galician friar of the Church of Santo António, Francisco Espinheira, left the ginja berries in the portuguese brandy and added sugar, water and cinnamon.

As you can imagine, the success was immediate!

“The Ginjinha” of the Praça de São Domingos in Lisbon was the first establishment to commercialize it, immediately followed by many others. Currently, “The Ginjinha” is in the hand of the “fifth generation” and an exporter for the market in the Unites States.

No one can resist this unique, sweet liqueur, that is the favourite drink of Lisboners.

And there’s more! In many places of Portugal, especially Lisboa, Ginjinha is served in small, delicious, chocolate cup.

So… What are you waiting for?

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