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Pavilhão Chinês

Pavilhão Chinês

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Today we present you one the most eclectic and fancy bars of Lisbon: the Pavilhão Chines. This name originates from the fact that back in time, the same rooms hosted a haberdashery that was particularly famous in the city.

Localized between the boroughs of Bairro Alto and Principe Real (here the address), this bar is today well known among lisboetas (inhabitants of Lisbon), and it inevitably attracts many tourists, as it is signaled in almost every guide. Therefore why this success? The answer can be answered by the photo gallery:


As you can see, the whole bar can be easily confused for a museum or for an antique dealer. It consists of five big rooms, which are full of thousands of different objects as toy soldiers, miniature airplanes and trains, ceramic pieces, ancient posters, swords, and objects dating back to World War I. Opened in the February of 1986, the bar is therefore approaching 30 years soon.

Therefore, if you want to immerse yourself into an incredible environment, and if are prepared to spend a little bit more than the Lisbon average, this is definitely the place for you.

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