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The STREETeam rewards Portugal!

The STREETeam rewards Portugal!

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A quantum physicist, a designer of Formula 1 circuits and a designer of radical routes concluded that the best street of the world is in Portugal!

The N222, that connect Peso da Régua and Pinhão, was declareted the top street on Earth trough an index called ADR, Avis Driving Ratio.
This index takes into consideration the many important phases of driving: acceleration, braking and turning.

Based on these attributes, it seems that the N222 had a right mix of characteristics to be capable of offering a phenomenal experience of driving.
In the first 25 positions of this special ranking, we can find another two portuguese streets: the N267 that connect São Marcos da Serra and Monchique and the N247 that connect Sintra e Praia das Maçãs.

In conclusion, the way to arrive in spectacular portuguese places could be spectacular, too. Word of the STREETeam!

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