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The 5 best pizzerias in Lisbon

The 5 best pizzerias in Lisbon

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Margherita, Quattro Stagioni, Capricciosa…what do you prefer?

Pizza is a meal that everyone has tried in their life, it is something that you have for the first time when you are a child and you never stop!


As everyone knows, the best place to eat a delicious pizza is in Naples, Italy; but, if you are living or studying in Lisbon or you are on vacation in this amazing Portuguese’s city and you have the desire to eat a really good pizza, we can tell you where you should go! Read the guide that we prepared for you!

1. Pizzeria Forno D’Oro (Rua Artilharia 1, 16B)

The owner and chef Tanka Sakapota opened the pizzeria in January 2015. Thanks to the collaboration with famous Italian chefs, he invented the perfect receipt for one of the best pizza in Lisbon. In September 2015 this pizza obtained the certificate of “Certified Pizza Napoletana”. Beyond the pizza, which is amazing, the pizzeria Forno d’Oro has two interesting features. First of all, it has a wood oven, but not a classic, one completely covered in gold! Second of all, they specialize in beer: they offer more than 35 beers, and most of them are craft beers!

2. Pizzeria Casanova (Av. Infante Dom Henrique Loja 7)

This pizzeria was opened in 2000 by Maria Paola Porru, an Italian lady. It is located in a great area: in front of the river Tajo and close to the metro station Santa Apollonia. It has some features that make it unique in its kind: there are lamps above the tables, that allows the customers to call over the server via switch, and it is furnished with long tables where strangers can all sit together. It could be a great idea if you are living in Lisbon for a short period of time or you just moved to Lisbon and you would like to meet new people! Of course, if you want privacy, you can sit in a normal table.

3. Pizzeria Luzzo (R. de Santa Marta 37C)

This pizzeria opened in January 2014. It has an informal design and if you are lucky enough to stop in on the right day, you could have the chance to listen to live music. There are two important features: the food is ordered directly by the customers using a tablet and the pizza is served in a wooden cutting board.

4. Pizzeria Mezzogiorno (R. Garrett 19)

This pizzeria was opened in 2004 by two Italians and a Portuguese. The Italian word “Mezzogiorno”, translated into English, means “South of Italy”; the choice of name is related to the fact that many dishes offered in the restaurant have southern Italian origins. It has an elegant design but an informal atmosphere. If you go on a beautiful summer evening you could enjoy your pizza outside, on a nice patio.

5. Pizzeria Lisboa (R. Duques de Bragança 5H)

The owner and chef Jose’ Avillez decided to call it “Pizzeria Lisboa” because he wanted to pay homage to the city. It has a really relaxed and family atmosphere, where you can taste a lot of Mediterranean flavours.

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