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Dining Local and Learning Portuguese in Portugal

Dining Local and Learning Portuguese in Portugal

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“Food, glorious food!” – One of the many things that people tend to love about Portugal.

When Learning Portuguese in Portugal you will be able to experience the finest of the finest when it comes to Portuguese gastronomy. Why? Because you’ll understand exactly what’s on the menu and if not, you’ll certainly know how to ask the waiter for their top recommendations.

The Portuguese are very proud people when it comes to their food and while learning Portuguese in Portugal you will most likely find yourself involved in passionate conversations with locals about the different types of food and of course whose grandmother had the best recipe for the local dish.

When it comes to food the Portuguese are notoriously known for their fresh fish and shellfish dishes like Bacalhau. You should get used this word as it translates to Codfish and you will find it on every menu as it’s the most famous fish in Portugal that can be cooked in endless ways.

Dining out is such a huge part of the Portuguese culture and learning Portuguese in Portugal is a great way to get to practice conversing with locals over a local dish.

There are so many other types of fish and seafood available, like Seabass, Salmon, Prawns, Squid, Octopus and so much more!  Plus if you’re feeling really adventurous you could always try some Caracóis (Snails) in a delicious sauce.

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