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An immersion in Portuguese food and wine

An immersion in Portuguese food and wine

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Are you moving to Portugal? Try our traditional dishes and wine

It is salted cod, reckoned as one of the main ingredients in Portuguese gastronomy.
There are thousands of ways and recipes to cook bacalhau, according to your preferences. What is certain, is that you cannot leave Portugal without having tried Pastel de Bacalhau.

As traditions explain, the Cataplana is made of copper and shaped like two clamshells hinged at one end and able to be sealed using a clamp on either side of the assembly. Cataplanas might also be made of aluminium. If you spend some time in our country, you definitely have to try the one made of fish, it is vert awesome!

Bread and Cheese
Every region has its specific cheese and bread. Queijo da Serra is one of the most well known and it comes from the Serra da Estrela mountain. Furthermore, there is Queijo de Azeitao, which is very flavourful as well. When eating in Lisbon, you can see that each restaurant puts a basked of bread on the table as a starter

Many Portuguese sweets are a legacy of Moorish occupation, especially in the area of Algarve. If you have a walk along the main streets of Lisbon, you will easily come across hundreds of bars selling Pastel de Nata, the most representative sweet of the city. If you are in the area of Belem, you must try one Pastel de Nata in the popular Pastelaria situated around there.

Portugal is famous for its fortified wines: Port, produced across the Douro region, and Madeira. There two types of wine are perfect either as a post-dinner or for a simple aperitif. In spite of these excellent varieties, Portuguese wine culture and tradition offer a lot more. Particularly, the Douro region has become one of the best regions of the world for its DOC wines. The Alentejo and Dao regions produce wonderful white, red and even rosè.

Local Beer
Are you studying Portuguese in Lisbon? A good, fresh beer is always appreciated in the late afternoon, at sunset. However, local people particularly enjoy having a beer during meals. Walking around the city centre, you will notice many “Cervejarias”, especially as far as the neighbourhoods of Alfama and Bairro Alto are concerned.

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