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Covão Dos Conchos, the magic hole in the lake

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Sometimes we need a break from cities and beaches. A walk in nature is the ideal to find peace and relax. If you can add this to visiting a unique spot like Covão dos Conchos you get an amazing trip.

Serra Da Estrela
One of the most famous mountain destinations is definitely Serra da Estrela. This peaceful place is mainly located in the district of Guarda, in the center-north of Portugal.
It is the highest mountain range in Continental Portugal and is featured by rocky spaces, woods, or artificial lakes.
It is very appreciated during the winter. Indeed, it is one of the few places in Portugal where you can see it snowing.


Covão Dos Conchos
This engineering work, which may look like a hole to another dimension, is a man-made tunnel. It was built to provide nearby communities with fresh water.
It is located between Lagoa da Serra da Estrela and Lagoa Comprida and, indeed, connects the two lakes.

However, in spite of being artificial, the hole is in harmony with the rest of the lake. Indeed, observing better, there are plants growing around the edges of the concrete and granite drain pipe.

After seeing these incredible images you will be probably be wondering how to get there. It is not easy, actually. Indeed, the best way is, first of all, to reach the location known as “Lagoa Comprida” by car. From there, you can take the natural path that leads to the lake hosting the “Covão Dos Conchos”.
It is going be a walk of about 1 hour to go and a bit less to come back (for a total of around 9 km).

In spite of all the difficulties of reaching it, Covão Dos Conchos is definitely worth the effort. Even the walk to get to it is enchanting. Therefore it is the best destination for a trip in nature.

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