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Adventures in Lisbon – Part 1

Adventures in Lisbon – Part 1

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If you are studying or visiting Lisbon, you have to explore it: this is one of the most beautiful capitals in the world!
Yes, we know. Sometimes, visiting the places as a tourist could be a little bit boring… Besides that, going from place to place listening to the guide could be not so funny even if it could be very interesting. That’s why we will tell you the best adventures that allow you to get in touch and discover the city while having a lot of fun!

1. GoCar Tour

This is one of the best ways to discover Lisbon if you don’t like to walk too much but still want to discover the city. This small convertible car will drive you through Lisbon. The car is programmed with a map which shows the most important places you should visit. Besides that, there is a GPS audio guide, so it’s (almost) sure that you won’t get lost. Have fun and don’t forget your driving license!

2. Tagus river cruise

Admire and get in touch with the city from a different perspective choosing between a daily or a sunset cruise. This is an experience you can’t miss. Looking at the city from the middle of the water will be amazing! If you are a romantic person, the “Romantic sunset for two” is the best offer for you. It includes a two-hour tour and a bottle of sparkling wine as a gift for you and your partner.

3. City tour by sidecar (

You can discover Lisbon on board of a sidecar. Your driver will show you the most amazing places through the city, choosing between a 3 or 6 hours tour. If you want to look at Lisbon with different eyes, you can choose the night ride (between 8pm and and observe its beauty by night.

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