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Discovering…the neighbourhood of Príncipe Real

Discovering…the neighbourhood of Príncipe Real

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Have you just moved to Lisbon or you are staying here temporary and you want to know something more about the most elegant area of the city? Well, we are here to suggest you the 10 best places to enjoy your time in the neighbourhood of Príncipe Real, where you certainly will find typical “Made in Portugal” things.

North of the famous Bairro Alto and just after the spectacular Miradouro de São Pedro de Alacantara, from which you will have the most beautiful view of Lisbon and Rio Tago, you could get lost through its streets plenty of local shops, restaurants and cafés.

So…let’s start our tour together!

1.     Lost-in Esplanada Bar – Rua Dom Pedro V, n. 56

This hidden café-restaurant is situated in a terrace from which you will have the entire view of Lisbon. Here you could have the pleasure to eat different meals or just drink something seated in couches or old wrought-iron beds and being sourrounded by colorful Indian furnitures.

If you are looking for an original idea for a romantic date, this is the perfect place!

2.     Pastelaria São Roque – rua Dom Pedro V, n. 57

Placed on a little corner, this is one of the best place where to eat bread, pastries and baked savouries. Its celebrity through the citizens is also due to the magnificient interiors made up of marble, tiles and gold.

Take a rest here and you will benefit of its beauty for the entire day!

3.     Pó di terra – rua Dom Pedro V, n.62-64

If you love the african style and you want to make an original gift (maybe just to yourself!), you must enter this beautiful shop. There you will find tribal handmade jewellery like necklaces, rings and earrings but also masks, sculptures and fabrics. Everything perfectly representative of the African rituals.

4.     AR-PAB Antiques – rua de Dom Pedro, n. 69

This stop is a “must-have” for all the antiques fans who want to buy something special from Lisbon. The collection is very wide and you can find sculptures, pantings, caskets, dishes and many others antique objects from all over the world.

A great suggestion: here you can buy very rare and beautiful Portuguese paintings.

5.     Lidja Kolovrat – rua dom Pedro V, n. 79

All the fashion addicted will have the desire to enter this beautiful shop, feeling attracted by the style and the design of the designer’s creations. Clothes, accessories, home furniture: everything made with the creativity of an iconic artist in Portugual.

6.     Pavilhão Cinês – rua Dom Pedro V, n.89

This is one of the most curious bar in Lisbon because it looks like an antiques shop and, infact, initially, it really was. This café is perfect for who loves collector’s items. Toy soldiers, war relics, old coffee and tea containers and so much other objects are placed perfectly in the whole bar, on the ceiling, in the showcases or on the shelves.

You can’t go there if you want have a suggestive experience!

7.     MOY Charcutaria & Garrafeira – rua Dom Pedro V, n. 111

Well known by the portuguese citizens for the selling of all the gourmet products of internationa luxury food brands, this elegant and distinctive shop will give you the chance to buy whatever you need. From cheese to wine, from smoked fish to coffee from Brasil, Angola and Costa Rica, from sweets to special oils, you don’t run the risk to exit with empty hands!

8.     Boutique del Rio – rua Dom Pedro V, n.133-135

Walking towards the Jardim do Príncipe Real you will find this little shop selling clothes and fashion accessories at cheap prices. If you need to do some “hard shopping” but you want to find something exclusive this is the best place where to go!

9.     21pr concept store – Praça do Príncipe Real, n.21

Conceived as a contemporary design and creativity showroom, make sure to not get lost through its different shops! Here you could find high quality portuguese and international products: from clothes to gourmet food, from furnitures to books related to design, architecture and art. If you want to discover the best Made in Portugual creativity you are in the right place!

10.   Little local shops with typical objects and souvenirs

All around the neighbourhood you will bump into severals little local shops, excellent to buy every kind of souvenirs. On most of them you can find printed the Gallo di Barcelos, a legendary symbol of the whole Portugual.

Make sure to buy something to never forgot Lisbon or to make a very special present to those you love.

Studying, working, travelling… leave everything you are doing just for one day and run to visit Príncipe Real, following our guide of course!

You won’t regret it!

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