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Évora, The Enchanting Roman City

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Today we will talk about an enchanting city that is becoming more and more attractive for tourists: Evora.

Founded by the Celts, its period of biggest development was during the Roman rule. However, many of its monuments were built much later. Let’s discover them.

Temple of Diana

The Templo de Diana is an ancient temple of Roman origin right in the historical center of the city. What you can visit is what remains after the invasion of Germanic peoples in the 5th century. Indeed, even if during the Medival age some parts were added, they were eventually removed in the Romantic period. Notably, the UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site.

A Capela Dos Ossos

However, the most suggestive attraction that Evora has to offer is probably the “chapel of bones”. The name already explains what it is about. It was founded by three Franciscan friars who wanted to transmit visitors the message of the transience of life. This is testified by the sign at the entrance: “Nós ossos que aqui estamos pelos vossos esperamos”. (“We, bones that are here, are waiting for you”).

Other Interesting Spots

Evora has many other interesting attractions.

For instance, the “Basílica Cathedral of Our Lady of Assumption” is the biggest Medieval cathedral of Portugal. These stunning building “protects” the city from the top with its towers and dome.

Another curious spot is the museum of the nativity scene. Here you can find different versions of the holy family viewed in different contexts and situations. Indeed, these “presépios” have been collected from all over the world.


Even if the attractions to visit are not many, Evora is an unmissable destination for those who want to explore Portugal as a whole. Besides its unique spots, the city as a whole is charming. Being all decorated in white and gold, walking through its streets is simply magic.





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