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Fado, the sound of Portugal

Fado, the sound of Portugal

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Famous Portuguese Fado singers


Fado is recognized since 2011 by UNESCO as an intangible heritage of humanity. It is a symbol of Portugal. Since centuries the amazing voices of Fado singers and their melodies enchanted the public in the streets of Lisbon.

Fado is not easy to explain, is something you should hear and feel. It is a way of transmission of feelings of saudade, longing, distance, and love.

There are many famous Fado singers in history, but if you are a beginner there are some you should know:

  • Maria Severa: She is one of the first Fado singers in history. She lived in Mouraria district in Lisbon, where she sang about saudade, love, and Lusitan soul in tavernas.
  • Amália Rodrigues: she is known as “Rainha do Fado” (Queen of Fado). She lived almost all her life in a beautiful yellow house in Rua de São Bento. Today it is a museum that celebrates her life and her songs. You will be amazed by her voice and her melodies!
  • Lucília do Carmo: She began her career as an amateur singer for charity events in Porto Alegre. Then she opened her own Fado House in Lisbon where she performed daily, making it one of the most famous spots of the Fado circuit.
  • Carlos do Carmo: He is the son of Lucília. He starts his career performing in his mother Fado House. His way of singing is influenced by famous singers of that period as Frank Sinatra, making his style special and unique.

Still today Fado’s singers seduce the public with their voices and their melodies that sound in the streets of Lisbon. Now that you know a little bit more about Fado, choose a Casa de Fado in the district of Alfama or Bairro Alto and enjoy this Portuguese experience.

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