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Museu de Serra d’El Rei: A New Museum About “Pedro e Inês” Love

Museu de Serra d’El Rei: A New Museum About “Pedro e Inês” Love


Some popular tales about love and death on Valentine’s day

As you know, love affairs cross all eras, cultures and religions. Here you will have a little overview upon some clues stories and legends concerning love and death. In Museu de Serra d’El Rei you will find the prooves of these stories.

During the I century a.C. the emperor Claudio forbad the marriage in order to make the young boys more motivated to fight for the res publica. A young guy from Terni (IT), called Valentino, decided to leave his rich family to convert himself to Christian life. Valentino went against the roman rules. He believed in true and free love. When he became the bishop of Terni, he started to celebrate secret marriages of young couples in love. Valentino was caught in celebrating weddings and for that he has been imprisoned, tortured and beheaded on the 14th of February 273 a.C.
That is why, in our Judaic and Christian culture, we celebrate Saint Valentine on the 14th of February as the protector of lovers.

Pedro and Inês

It seems to be as Saint Valentine had not enough power to sustain the mythic couple Pedro and Inês.
During Middle Age, when weddings were a political agreement, the young D. Pedro, the second child of the king of Portugal Alfonso IV, even if he was promise to another noble lady, felt in love with Inês de Castro. Even their love was forbidden, they had the courage to keep their love always alive. They try to hide themselves from the king Alfonso and they started to have a secret love, from which four children born. After few time, the king Alfonso, aware of this situation, ordered Inês to be killed in front of her children.
This is a tragic story of love and death recreated in Portuguese arts and literature.

Today, February 14th 2018, there is the inauguration of Museu de Serra d’El Rei.  Its main commitment, is to illustrate the representation of this Portuguese myth in arts and literature. This museum is located in the little village of Serra d’el Rei, where D. Pedro built a palace to visit and stay with Ines de Castro. The legend says that D. Pedro used to put the horseshoes in the opposite way in order to leave the wrong trajectory.

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the museum and to discover this immortal love story belonged to the Portuguese tradition.

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