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Pastel de Nata, it’s just delicious!

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Portugal is known throughout the world as a country whose cuisine is appreciated by all those who try it. Whether it’s a salty or a sweet dish, Portugueses know how to cook to charm anyone. Sharing food is an important moment of union for Portugueses, a moment of serenity and caring.

Among the most appreciated dishes, there is the famous Pastéis de Nata, a delicious and sweet symbol of the country’s cuisine.
The Pastéis de Nata are small cupcakes of puff pastry stuffed with a special cream made with cream and eggs. During baking in the oven, the cream creates a sweet caramelized layer that’s characteristic of these sweets.
It is said that the recipe was born within the walls of an ancient Portuguese monastery, the monastery of Belém.  After the closure of the monasteries, the monks began to produce the pastéis to maintain themselves economically.
Since then the Pastéis de Nata spread throughout the country and can still be enjoyed in Portuguese pastries.

Around Lisbon, there are countless culinary corners in which to find these wonders. Today we will discover which are the best places where to eat a Pastel de Nata nearby our school.


Among the most appreciated places, there is certainly the Manteigaria Fabrica de Pastéis de Nata. It is very close to our school, in Rua do Loreto 2.
Second place in our ranking goes to the immortal Fábrica de Nata – Pastéis de Nata. It is located in Praça do Restauradores 62, just a couple of minutes from our school.

And now… what are you waiting for? During the next lesson break, a pitstop for a Pastel de Nata is mandatory!

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