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Santo António’s Traditions

Santo António’s Traditions

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The Brides of Santo António and other customs related to marriage

June is the month of the transition from spring to summer. It is the symbol of love, fertility and marriage. All of this, fits perfectly with the Santo António traditions celebrated in Lisbon, especially with the “Brides of Saint Anthony”.

During the Estado Novo, it was created a competition to select 13 couples of future spouses to whom the marriage would be paid. As requirement, they would have to be poor, good-looking, young and it should be their first marriage. Salazar introduced this custom to promote commerce in the city. Food and clothes were donated to the spouses by the merchants and this was also a way to get publicity.

After the revolution of 25th April 1974, this event was abolished, because it was related to the period of dictatorship. But only during 3 years. The Chamber of Lisbon decided to promote again this tradition by paying the wedding to 13 couples. Even today, it is possible, on the 13th of June, to see the weddings celebrated in the Sé de Lisboa.

Here are 2 tricks for our single readers who are still looking for a future husband:

1- to immerse the image of Santo António in water is said to help finding a husband. Don’t wait any longer!

2-to stand in front of a wall and scream 4 times “Santo António” will make the image of your future husband appear. Try it!

And here is a last valid advice for all future spouses. Go to the square in front of the church of Santo António and throw a coin towards the statue of the Saint. If you manage to hit his face, then your marriage will be blessed.

Now, we can only wish you a very happy couple life, that you may live happily ever after!

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