Português Et Cetera is a Portuguese language institution officially recognized by the Portuguese Government (DGERT). This recognition highlights our high standards since 2005, the excellency of our teaching, a very experienced team of teachers and well-structured courses.

DGERT (Direcção Geral do Emprego e das Relações de Trabalho) is an instituional organization that is part of the portuguese goverment that defines the guidelines for professional training and labor laws in Portugal.

Is this important? Absolutely!

– You can have an official certificate issued by the Portuguese Ministry of Education.

– If you are a university student you have in our school a certified course that can give you additional credits, as well as enhance your Curriculum Vitae in order to create new job opportunities.

– If you want to apply for funding, for example, a paid scholarship by your company, our school can help you with the official paperwork recognized by the Portuguese Government.