Picnic at Jardim da Estrela

Wed, 20.06.2018

An afternoon of history and savouries

What better way to end Spring than with a picnic all together? Our tour on the 20th of June will take us to the enchanting Jardim Guerra Junqueiro, better known as Jardim da Estrela. Our school invites you for a visit to the historical places of Estrela. The Jardim da Estrela is located in the parish of Lapa, where we will also see the Basílica da Estrela. Let’s spend a beautiful afternoon together in one of the most lively parks in Lisbon!

The tour will start in the Basilica da Estrela, which is located in front of the Jardim da Estrela. This is a beautiful, ancient convent built in the 18th century, property of the Carmelite nuns. It was commissioned by Queen Mary I to thank the Sacred Heart of Jesus for having given her an heir.

Then, we will enter into the Jardim da Estrela, built in the Romantic era. This place is frequented by many people and it’s often used as a space for some city events. It also has a small library contained into a little kiosk. Here, we will observe swans, peacocks, canaries and some unique plant species, including the jacarandá and the dragon tree. Surrounded by this unusual flora and fauna, we will have a snack together. We will spend some time enjoying different foods and having a good conversation.

It is traditional, in Portugal, when we have a picnic, to bring something to share with the others. If you want, you can participate bringing something to eat or to drink with the other students and teachers.


During the tour, our history teacher Indira Leão will speak in Portuguese and English. You will learn more about some historical and political places in Lisbon, while exercising your knowledge skills of Portuguese.

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