25th of April 1974: “Revolução dos Cravos”

Thu, 26.04.2018

Discovering the main events that brought democracy to Portugal

Would you like to know more about the Carnation revolution occurred on the 25th of April, in 1974? Last Thursday, the students of our language school in Lisbon discovered all about this important event. Here is an overview of what we learned during a nice and interesting afternoon together.

We met with our history teacher, Indira Leão, in Praça do Comércio, the square also known as Terreiro do Paço. This square is a symbol of the fall of the dictatorship of Caetano. In fact, it was there that the MFA (Armed Forces Movement), led by Salgueiro Maia arrived on the 25th April.

The MFA took down the dictatorship without shedding blood, and this was only possible due to the support of the population. Portuguese did not agree with the colonial war, it was forcing the young people to leave their homeland. Therefore, the strategy chosen by Salgueiro Maia was the negotiation.

A curious fact that Indira explained us was the signal chosen to alert the infantry troops led by Salgueiro Maia. The revolution started as soon as the radio broadcasted a known song that was censored during the regime: Grândola, Vila Morena.

Our tour continued towards the square Largo do Carmo, another important place of the revolution. Before reaching it, we passed by the place where the only 4 deaths of the revolution day occurred. These citizens of Lisbon were shot by the politic police of Estado Novo named PIDE/DGS.

At the end of the tour we enjoyed a good glass of sangria in a local pub in front of the Convento do Carmo. In this beautiful square we enjoyed our company together while we discussed the impressions of what we had learned that day.

Here are some pictures of our walking tour. And follow our website to know all about our weekly events!

The excited population of Lisbon gave flowers to the military troops and they put it into their guns

Have you already decided how to celebrate the “Revolução dos Cravos”, occurred on 25th of April, in 1974? The history teacher of our Portuguese language school, Indira Leão, will guide an unmissable walking tour on the 26th of April. She will take us through the main places where important events happened, leading Portugal towards the democracy. She will recreate, in this manner, the excited atmosphere of that day.
For you, it will be the occasion to feel exciting emotions as a Lisboner of that time.

We will start our tour in Terreiro do Paço, occupied by the military troops in the historical dawn on the 25th of April, 1974. Their leader was the captain Salgueiro Maia, one of the April’s heroes. An interesting and unusual fact is that during the Carnation Revolution, the dictatorship was replaced by democracy without any violence. We will discover how!
Then, we are going to do the same trajectory that Salgueiro Maia and his troops did in 1974 to the Largo do Carmo. There, we will have the pleasure to have a good coffee together in a multicultural environment.

During the tour, our Teacher Indira Leão will speak in Portuguese and English. You will practice your listening comprehension in Portuguese.
Don’t miss the opportunity to improve your Portuguese while you learn more about Portuguese history and culture!

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